About Us

Hi! My name is Angela. I am the founder of OMG! Gifts.

Oh My Gosh Gifts came to life from me merely giving these very same baskets/boxes to my own loved ones. I thoroughly enjoy gift giving and had enough people tell me to market them that I finally pulled the trigger.

Choosing the name for my company was easy. I wanted the name to stand for how people felt when they received these gifts. Special. I thought of what each person has said when I have given these baskets to them. The one thing that was imitated time and time again, was Oh My Gosh!

With these hand made gifts I can say with certainty, you will receive that very same reaction. I strive to make each recipient feel special, like the gifts were personalized just right. To feel thought about, cared about, and loved. Shopping at all the best spots to gather something personal from each place and creating a basket/box can be daunting and time consuming. Consider me your personal shopper. I go out and gather all the best quality, best priced items. I throw in all my personal favorites that I know from experience are a huge hit. And create a basket/box that has that personal touch you're looking for, but hassle-free!

All you have to do is Add to Cart. Gone are the days you show up to a shower or a party and there are TWO of your gift.